Sunday, 2 June 2013

Daily and Sunday Telegraph promotion

I've just agreed that we will be part of a major promotional drive by the Daily and Sunday Telegraph from 20th - 23rd June in association with the HRA and Visit England. There will be vouchers (2 for 1) and we will have a couple of photos and a small amount of text in the newspaper.
Colin Fewell


  1. Colin

    How do you weigh up the potential for extra business against the inevitable abstraction of revenue from people who would have travelled anyway? Were the promotors able to give information from previous participants which shows the benefit seen?

  2. There is nothing scientific in this. I have to weigh up the extra publicity value against the cost of 2 tickets for the price of 1. In essence it's exactly the same as paying for advertisements then expecting extra revenue. Here we aren't paying anything. To pay to advertise in a national newspaper is far more than we could afford. My gut feeling is we won't get much of a take up but at least we will get publicity.