Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Shedding the delay

Back from Florida to learn we have good news on the Paint Shop construction:

The present block work build will continue on most days until complete

The first floor and stairs are being delivered on Friday 21st June. There will be no vehicle access beyond the signal box on that day

Cladding will commence on 12th July until completed and will be followed by window installation

C & W and B &S will have access from early August to start interior works and painting



  1. After several criticisms and queries from neighbours about the new C&W extension construction, I wrote a letter to all our adjacent neighbours at Winchcombe giving more information on what was intended and how it will operate. I am pleased to advise that to date I have not received one comment from them. The neighbours that I met in delivering these letters all expressed appreciation for our communication efforts. Alan Bielby

    1. Marvels of hindsight and all that...but could not a newsletter have been sent out to the neighbours right at the very start explaining what was to be built, with an artist's impression/photo mock-up of the finished structure, FAQs etc. Surely that would have nipped all the critisms in the bud.