Thursday, 20 June 2013

Room to manouevre

One of the Board's present priorities is the floor of the David Page Loco Shed at Toddington. The plan is for a  concrete surface, an indoor inspection pit with the external approaches also concreted.

To fund we having been looking to a grant from GWRT from the recent major Mitchell legacy. They are in turn dependent on the sale of a bungalow which is part of the legacy and whilst this is moving, progress has not been as quick as hoped.

However the success of the recent Steam Gala has given us some financial room to manoeuvre and the Board has today authorised  an immediate start on the surfacing of the  roads 8 and 9 areas in the Shed. These are those not involved with the pit and comprise broadly 50% of the internal area. Completion is planned for end of November.

It is hoped that the grant will be available by then and the other half can be completed after the loco winter maintenance period.

So whilst the Gala delighted our visitors, impressed the heritage industry and gave us all a lot of fun, it also moved a major improvement of the Railway forwards


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  1. That's great news Malcolm and I'm sure much appreciated by all in the loco dept.
    Paul Richardson