Monday, 23 November 2015


During the highly successful Volunteer Recruitment Fair held in March this year over 200 potential new volunteers attended.  The two day event, the first to be held by the GWR was organised and managed by Philip Young, Recruitment Director, GWR Trust.

You may like to hear what has happened to those 200 prospective volunteers in the months following the event and others that have attended Induction Days this year.   

During the Fair, or in the days directly afterwards the Railway received applications from 111 potential new volunteers. 76 of these attended a Volunteer Induction Day in April in Toddington Village Hall and a further 38 (including 3 who did not attend the Fair) attended an Induction Day during May.

Of those 114, 81 have now obtained their Full Work Permits, with 5 potentially to convert to Full Work Permits.  Another 8 remain “on the books” but are most likely to withdraw.

The remaining 20 includes a number who have withdrawn for valid reasons, and a small number who have put their application on hold.

A further 21 potential new volunteers attended Induction Days in either June or July. 11 Full Work Permits have been issued, 4 are ongoing and 6 have withdrawn. 

In September two Induction Days were held with 24 potential new volunteers attending; 3 Full Work Permits have been issued already. 

In October one Induction Day was held with 12 potential new volunteers in attendance.

On the 21st November 12 potential new volunteers attended what was the last Induction Day of 2015.

Thanks to Philip Young’s recruitment strategy it is clearly evident that recruitment continues to remain robust and should ensure we have sufficient volunteers in all the appropriate departments as we forge ahead to Broadway. The Fair also resulted in a good deal of publicity for the railway.  Philip joins me in thanking all current volunteers for making the new volunteers so welcome.

Chris Sparks MBE

Volunteer Liaison Director