Monday, 10 June 2013

What the public think of us

Have a look at Tripadvisor.
Last Thursday I spoke with a number of visitors, and comments ranged from "by far the best heritage railway" to "a vast improvement" to "clean trains" to " friendly and helpful staff". No negative comments at all. Trouble is - it can't go on like this!! Are we riding for a fall??
Colin Fewell


  1. Yes, it can go on like this - if everyone on the Railway stays positive, optimistic and determined to make it even bigger and better. Count me in.

  2. And the same TripAdvisor ranks us as the 35th (yes, 35th) most popular tourist attraction in Gloucestershire, so there's lots to do if the ranking means anything. Do we know, for instance, why the most popular attraction is the International Centre for Birds of Prey at Newent, or North Bristol Delta Force Paintball at Thornbury is fourth on the list? Or, for that matter, Blackfriars in Gloucester, with one 4 star review, is bottom of the list (of those that have been reviewed)? Perhaps we need to encourage reviews - we aren't allowed to write reviews of a place we work at ourselves.

    Robert Goundry

  3. I can understand why we might be behind the birds of prey centre and the paintballing centre (both places I have been known to go), but 35th!? surely we are better that that! mind you, all these ranking sites always put things in a different order, it is very subjective, certainly my favourite place to go of a weekend, off to C+W at winchcombe for the morning!

  4. According to a discussion site I read about the TripAdvisor Popularity Index, there are three key things that factor into the index;
    • the number of reviews
    • how favourable the reviews are
    • how old or recent the reviews are

    Also, reviews depreciate over time so an older review, good or bad, does not factor in as much as a newer one. It's not just a simple mathematical average of all the review’s ratings.

    So the important thing, in addition to getting good reviews about the railway, is getting lots of reviews. If we can get the ability to input a TripAdvisor Review onto the GWSR website Homepage the number of reviews will increase.

  5. Just to add a little more context to the current rating, Thats #33 out of 168 attractions. (moved up two places as of 18/06/13).