Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Changes at Todd

I was at Todd today to get an update on the changes that are in hand to the  Offices and storage for OTC and the Shops

The background is that some months ago a vehicle was backed into the Admin Office. The structural damage was such that repair was more expensive than replacement

Link this with the need for expanded Admin facilities, improved storage, a central office location for the Operations Manager and easier access to supplies for OTC and the Board decided on a revamp

A replacement Admin office been purchased. This will be better fitted out and will include a separate desk for hot desk working, an expanded post box facility and importantly a new and further meeting table etc that will be available to all

A new office has been purchased to accommodate the Ops Manager and a custom storage facility which will include the present plan storage drawer which is presently  kept at W in poor conditions

Finally the Development Manager's Office has been relocated

The site will be subject to landscaping etc when complete

The OTC and Shop storage has been moved to adjacent to the pod accommodation and OTC will have a quick access store directly on the platform in the former gents (which has been properly sealed off!)

It will take a week or so to finalise so please bear with us. If you are looking for your post box in the meantime, its in the Boardroom

Another set of signs that our Railway is moving forward


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  1. Just a quick update on the cabin move project.
    The new admin office is now up and running and all the post boxes and other facilities normally offered by the old admin cabin are now in the new admin office. The key to the admin cabin is in a key safe on the outside wall by the door and the access code for the key is the same as the old admin alarm code. Steve Long completed a cable joint on Saturday and the Pods and other facilities around the fire department area are now back on line power wise. Personally I have completed all the phone, gate control and IT connections so that admin, development and also my new office are now fully operational.

    All that now remains is the movement of some final filing cabinets and some cosmetic work and external steps and landscaping.

    Thanks to all for bearing with us during the disruption of the move.

    I can now be found in my new office in the middle cabin. My old office on platform 2 will shortly be tidied up and re-opened as a waiting room.

    Neil. Operations Manager.