Friday, 28 June 2013

And Another Award

It is with great pleasure that I am able to tell you that I have been informed by the Heritage Railway Association (HRA) that the GWR Trust has been awarded the HRA Publications & Media Award for best Magazine for 2012 for the "Cornishman".

Heartiest congratulations to our editor Steve Standbridge.

Many of you will not know that Steve has been editior for some 15 years or so and was assistant editor for some time before that.   For the last few years Steve has worked entirely without help to produce the Cornishman which makes this achievement simply stunning.   If anyone out there would be willing to assist Steve, your help would be much appreciated (contact either Steve or myself).

I should also like to say "thank you" on behalf of all the members, to all our contributors without whom the magazine would not be possible.

Well done everyone

At the Trust AGM last evening, I mentioned that we have received some request for the Magazine to become all colour and available electronically.   The Trust would appreciate your opinions.


Henry Howard


  1. I seem to recall producing a pdf version of the Cornishman some 12-18 months ago, and actually sold a few in aid of the fundraising at time.
    Given the escalating price of postage, making the publication available electronically is long overdue.
    Although the magazine has won an award, I would further suggest that more original content is included; am I the only reader that recognises many of the articles have previously appeared on the railway website?

  2. It would be a shame to go totally electronic as it would make subscription pointless as for much of the content you only have to regularly check the website. So in short why would anyone pay for something you could get for free?! The magazine format is a good reward for subscribers whereas a pdf would be quite impersonal, having said that perhaps the railway could offer two subscription types, a cut price pdf based subscription and the regular price one which members would receive the magazine?