Sunday, 9 June 2013

The view from the carriage window - part 2

Dear fellow volunteers,

My previous posting on 'the view from the carriage window' inadvertently stirred up some controversy and I want to answer Bob Mac's points.

Firstly, however, I note that the photos of the steam loco department's mess coach I intended to attach were not included so I am attaching them here.

Another small project which the Wednesday gang from the steam loco department undertook was to sheet down the derelict LMS coach at Winchcombe pending its departure from the railway. The group in the photo had just emptied Andy Goodman's brake coach of seats and stored them in another vehicle so that Andy's vehicle can leave the railway in the next week or two.


I think these three actions improve the view our customers have of our railway and seem to me to be an example of the three things we can do, i.e. restore, cover up or remove.
Without wishing to stir up further controversy about the Rbr I do feel it necessary to say here and now that its sale was never anything to do with my efforts to improve the view. This was confirmed in an email from the Chairman to Richard Johnson in which he attached the relevant board papers and board minutes. Anything else to the contrary is incorrect.
There seems to me to be lots to do at Winchcombe which could improve railway operations, make things easier for carriage and wagon and, yes, improve the view that our customers get. Perhaps you would email me at cdbristow51' and we can meet at a day we are both on duty and discuss.
Kind regards,

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