Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Asking the man

I am pleased to advise that the planning application for Broadway station was submitted to Wychavon District Council yesterday.

The application is to the revised concept with toilets in the Platform 1 building.

A separate application for the car park will be submitted in due course.



  1. Brilliant - well done the team !

  2. Any ideas as to how long the decision will take? I wonder how many biscuit and coffee meetings will be needed to decide...

  3. Toddington Ted2 July 2013 at 22:23

    I presume the decision will take as long as it takes and local authorities can be guaranteed to displease some people, however objective their deliberations may be. After all, Alex, Democracy is the worst form of Government, apart from all the others. I do recall the then Tewkesbury District Council being somewhat less than delighted with the scrapyard like appearance of Toddington back in the early 80s; then came the steam gala of October 1990 with Defiant, a pannier and a large prairie which took the GWSR tourism magnet factor to another level. The rest, as they say....

  4. Yes, I imagined that would be the answer, indefinitely. Hopefully not too many problems though, I am really looking forward to reaching Broadway, and am an avid follower of their blog, it is amazing how much work they have done!

  5. The planning application can now be viewed online and the link to it is: http://www.e-wychavon.org.uk/wychavon/plan_search/search.html The case year is 13 and the case number is 01373. Terry

  6. We have received acknowledgement of our application and you can view the application and monitor its progress on the Wychavon District Council website - the application number is W/13/01373/PN.
    Please note that the name of the applicant for presumably some other application is also shown - I will be asking to have this removed as it is not relevant to us.
    Alan Bielby