Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Quiet but busy

People keep saying "you're quiet on the Blog"

Its because there's nothing that exciting to write about

Last week with Neil C  I attend the joint HRA/ORR seminar at the Baggies ground. The attendance list was like the who's who of heritage railways. The meeting stressed the importance of safety and demonstrated  how critical good governance is in this connection and generally (think I knew that) - several issues for discussion at a Board away day we plan for August

I've had a couple of meetings with the auditors on the 2012/13 Accounts - routine stuff

I,  Henry Howard, Alan Bielby and Chris Bristow had a meeting to see if we could finally pin down a relocation of the Winchcombe Railway Museum to one of our sites. It raised more questions than answers but led to my having to remind myself how a VAT group structure of companies works

A meeting of the Development Foundation Group was postponed because Max Hawkins is quite poorly

After the Board last Friday I have written a Boardroom news piece that should come out as a Volunteer Announcement shortly

Robert Goundry, I and Chris Bristow are meeting tomorrow to get the preparation for the new Shares Offer moving

I have been looking through the design of an electronic purchase order system designed by Danny Scroggins to work through HOPS and replace present paper arrangements. More when we have finished the design

With Neil C and Bob Mac met with Streamline who supply our credit card machines. They had concerns about our use and financial viability which were sorted. We ordered two additional wireless units for use at the up coming events. Should be here in a fortnight

Cleared my drive of snow twice which ain't bad for an old codger but the first batch of snow made me miss the Diesel AGM

As I said, not that interesting but busy


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