Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Group Visits - at least someone loves us

Dear Sir,

It was an excellent day.  Everything timed exactly right and the standard of service was faultless from the original enquiry through to the end of the trip.   The stationmaster at Cheltenham was extremely helpful as were the two gentlemen who told us all about the GWSR on the outward trip and who sold sleeper sponsorships and membership options on the way back (he made some sales).  The whole train was in pristine condition and full working order from front to tear buffers.  Also the Flag and Whistle lunches we had booked were first rate with swift and friendly service - how attractive the building looks in its new paintwork.

I look forward to returning when the weather improves and seeing my 2 sleepers on the route to Broadway and perhaps winning on the monthly draw with your club which I also joined.

Regards to you and your railway.

Many congratulations to all involved, keep up the good work.

Henry Howard

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  1. Henry - I'm intrigued by the title, as it implies criticism elsewhere, but I can't find any reference to it.