Thursday, 14 March 2013

And this week?

Many seemed interested in the recent account of my activities as Chairman and FD, so I thought I'd share what I've been up to this week.

There is a Plc Board on 22nd and I have been drafting reports for that including:

The February Management Accounts - always a difficult month with a lot of outs and few ins. More after the Board has considered them

A report on a potential new shares offer which could include 30% tax relief on the purchase. The Board has to agree but, watch this space

A report on an electric supply risk on which we are taking legal advice

Not related to Board immediately but D Fairley and I have been preparing for a meeting with Sustrans re Broadway - Honeybourne which might be in Brum next month

I was at Toddington on Wednesday and met with Max Hawkins on Foundation progress, an informal update from Alan Bielby regarding the recent Planners visit to the Paint Shop site following complaints about the development from local residents. All seems ok 

I also did a little networking including learning of Rob the model man's nasty van write off experience and that Dave "Signalman" Newman's wife is doing well. I had a look at the new flooring and heating in the Todd shop and the heating in the SMs office. This is designed to automatically provide background heat overnight which protects sales goods and IT kit and then revs up on operational days to add to volunteer and customer comfort

I signed a mass of cheque payments prepared by Bob Mac and in turn issued a number of invoices for rentals (quarter day approaches) and charters - Bob gets the copies to enter onto our Sage accounting system

A discussion with Richard Drewitt regarding a good offer he has received for one of our more derelict coaches. We also discussed the delivery of the two Riviera coaches we are purchasing. It has not been easy to finalise matters but we have hopes for next week

I've had an update on progress and costs from Mark Young on the RO water installation at Todd. It should be commissioned early next month

I have also been working on commentary for Danny Scroggin's excellent work to convert the issue of Purchase Orders (POs) to be electronic and via HOPS. A way to go yet but this will be a great step forward

Tomorrow a little treat I think. To Todd and on train to at least enjoy the Gold Cup atmosphere. Tremendous work by all - crews, OTC, crossing monitors and bucket rattlers for the GWRT etc. I think that the four days will bring us income of around £30,000 (income not profit) which will be the highest ever

One request. Could I just once go to the Railway and feel warm again?


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