Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Farewell Clydebridge

After many years of good service on the GWR 37 324 Clydebridge today moved on to pastures new.  The move was carried out by Heanor Haulage using a 12 row (48 wheels) modular trailer to transport the 105 ton loco and an additional trailer as a ramp to winch the loco onto the main trailer.

The loco departed Toddington just after 10:00, the photo shows it fastened down on the trailer outside the Flag and Whistle.  Quite an impressive sight.

37 324 is departing the railway for good, the owner deciding to move it to the East Lancashire Railway where he already stables two other examples of the class.  All being well the locomotive should be operating at their July diesel gala.

Neil Carr.

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  1. Hope he made it - looks like the second from last tyre was half flat !!!