Friday, 8 March 2013

Busy Friday for FD

Today was busy

First  Bob Mac and I met with our auditor Jane Grimshaw and her team  to answer the standard requests/information exchange to start the audit. She was particularly interested in expenditure on the embankments and the donations and grants that have financed the works. In a meeting of just over an hour we also discussed a revised format for the published Profit & Loss Account that should make the accounts a little more understandable for non accountants.

Then with Colin Fewell I met Severn Valley Railway represented by Nick Ralls General Manager and Mike Ball Plc Deputy Chairman. We do this about twice a year or so to share experiences and discuss current activities and practices. They commented  on a number of issues including half term sales, safety at 1940's events, their approach to photo charters, their restructured charitable trust, station rebuilding and planners, Thomas, loco availability, their new share issue which to date has produced over £1.3 million and fund raising. Both are to attend the HRA meeting next week at West Brom. The Operations Manager and I will be there to represent the GWR.


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