Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Working at it

One of the tasks Board new boy Chris Bristow has taken on is to try to improve the appearance of the Railway from a visitor perspective. The most frequent visitor comment we receive relates to what they perceive as wrecks at Todd and W

I well appreciate that most  coaches etc are being held for future renovation or as a spares source but the Board feels it important that we present these as well as possible

That's why for example the Loco Mess Coach is being repainted

I thought you might be interested in what Chris & Co achieved today at Winchcombe

Before and after:


  1. Private coach should have been passed on to someone who can restore it

  2. Equally if its a private coach why are we paying and making the effort to cover it. Shouldn't the owner cover it or move it?

  3. I think we are trying to catalyse that