Thursday, 25 April 2013


There was a Plc Board meeting on Tuesday evening brought forward from Friday because of the Wartime Weekend.

It wasn't that interesting though since matters were more of  day to day issues rather than significant decision.

The Annual Report and Financial Statement for 2012/12 was received from the Auditor and duly approved. Robert Goundry & Co now go into over drive to print it and get the AGM papers to shareholders

The Management Accounts to end of March were received. These showed that income is going well against Budget but there is a long way to go for this season

Henry Howard reported that the GWRT "Sponsor a Sleeper" is doing very well this year with a recent single donation of £10,000!

The Broadway Station planning application is still on hold pending deciding on the location of the toilet block on or off platform

The Operations Manager reported on recommendations by HMRI re safety in the Loco Machine Shop. These will be implemented asap

That's about it so no Volunteer Announcement re the Board this month



  1. Broadway planning application paralysed by detail of toilet block? Just make a decision and get things moving!

  2. We have an excellent period restored midland railway station here, (northamptonshire) and the toilets are on the platform.. period tiling too. where were the originals ?mat

  3. So how many sleepers do we need to reach Broadway? I'm sure someone can work it out.

  4. Ivor Dixon has already calculated it for me.

    5276 + 4 sets of crossing timbers

  5. I'll try to do a sweep up on Broadway. The toilets were originally part of the station buildings of course. That isn't possible with the rebuild since we need to accommodate more in the actual station building than was there in 1905. We also need more toilet facilities.

    What we don't want to do is rush in and get the location wrong. We also have neighbours who are uncomfortable with the original proposals

    I'd rather take a few more weeks and get it right