Saturday, 20 April 2013

And this week?

Some  good time investment.

Met with Danny Scroggins and Neil Carr for further discussion on the new electronic Purchase Order system. We are hoping for a roll out in 3 months

Further discussion by e mail on the potential for GWRT to take on the Winchcombe Railway Museum

Friday went to see the Jerry Lee Lewis Story starring Cheltenham's Peter Gill at the Bacon Theatre  in Cheltenham. Belting  except some of the facts terribly wrong

Spoke with Mark Young who assured that the floor on the Paint Shop will be poured in the coming week plus DP Shed viewing route should be available for Steam Gala given a fair wind

Today met with Richard Johnson of C & W to make certain I understand the challenges they are facing. It comes down to money and time as ever and we must put more resources there. Then went to see the guys at W. Inter alia they were flat out trying to make certain we have a third rake for next Weekend

Went and watched the P Way crew working on the Parlour Road relay at Todd. As ever watching those guys, I felt inadequate.

Nice to see John Broadhurst on BOC duties

Brief chat with Guard HoD Kevin Bartolf

Did Chairman's report for Board next Tuesday which included one unpleasant volunteer problem

Trains looked well populated and not surprising since a beautiful day weather wise

Mundane isn't it?



  1. May be mundane, but it all keeps the wheels oiled, so to speak. Anyway, compared to the previous 2 years, mundane is good!