Wednesday, 17 April 2013

It's 5 o'clock and here are the financial results

We now have the audited Accounts for the year to 31st January 2013.

These will be considered at the Board meeting next week but I thought you might be interested in some snippets

Overall the Railway's Profit & Loss account shows a loss of £105,913

This gives a measure of the battle we've had.

Included in these figures is £838,173 spent on embankment repairs. This is offset by donations and grants of £686,253 and £134,000 from the Bishops Cleve land sale.

The loss in cash terms was offset by shares sales (which don't relate to the P & L Account) of £99,421

On the income side:

Ticket sales were £421,477 (previous year £429,306)

OTC income £107,757 (£87,209)

Santas £100,644 (£86,029)



  1. I guess some one has to ask the question. Did OTC and Santa's really raise exactly the same amount both this year and last?

  2. No! Have corrected the numbers!