Sunday, 7 April 2013

Into a rhythm

After the rewarding performance of Easter which incidentally was about much more than money. It was about the Railway operating pretty well perfectly in delivering the most complicated timetable format since GWR 175, about visitors saying how much they had enjoyed themselves, about compliments on the appearance of the Railway, about volunteers enjoying their roles and many of us smiling again, its been a housekeeping week for me.

I chaired a meeting of the Group leading the Development Foundation's work and learnt of the excellent progress being made including more pledges producing £8000 - £10,000 over 5 years, of some new patrons (stand by for the Development Manager to announce) and plans to receive representatives of Railways which supported us over the Emergency Appeal at the Steam Gala together with a VIP reception plan.

There was a further discussion between the Group organising the new Share Offer - on target for a September launch.

I had a brief discussion with RATS on their future plans.

I was briefed over the delays on the new Paint Shop and learnt construction work is to start with urgency  tomorrow (Monday). Incidentally to help those who have what I term "gossip concern", there are no planning issues in connection with the project.

Arrangements are also almost complete I'm told for Cheltenham Tech buildings trade trainee input to the CRC Platform 2 rebuild which should start as soon as we have equipment and services to site.

The two new coaches finally arrived from Riviera Trains. To stop the chatter, they cost £30,000 and this has been funded by a grant from GWRT.

On the GWRT front, I am being asked what's happening re the floor of the David Page shed. This is also to be  funded by GWRT grant but the Trust is waiting on the sale of a bungalow which was part of the Mitchell legacy.

There is a constant challenge for the Chairman (and added to by my FD role) to seek to balance a business like operation with room for volunteers to enjoy and express themselves in the voluntary role they have chosen. Its not always easy. One aspect, risk and its management is of vital importance. Its not only risk in an accident sense but also business risk and I've discussed this latter aspect with a number of people this week.

This coming week: a verdict from the auditors on the 2012/13 Accounts, a meeting with the Winchcombe museum people and a haircut.



  1. Excellent news, Chairman, and thank you for your efforts. Has the planning application for Broadway gone in yet, and if not what is causing the delay?

    1. Malcolm Temple7 April 2013 at 13:41

      It hasn't gone in yet. We are consulting with the local residents to seek to settle some of their concerns.

  2. Interested to understand the motive behind the two new carriages. I presume that when Broadway is reached more stock will be required, so maybe this is a case of snapping up some as they become available? (Presumably there's a fairly limited market in half decent Mark 1 stock these days.)

    1. Malcolm Temple7 April 2013 at 18:28

      As you suggest a combination: availability, condition, type (for flexiblilty), and preparing for the future. A Group is presently studying our long term needs

  3. These updates are very much appreciated, but please who are the RATS.?
    I looked up acronyms are and found several that reacted radio tracking but I don't think we use that to track out trains. There were a couple about algorithm but our tie table isn't that logical.then of course it could be the moaning sort who grumble about anything.

    .... I am NOT moaning I just like to understand what I am reading.

  4. Malcolm Temple7 April 2013 at 18:25

    Restoration and Archiving Trust