Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The bunny delivered

We all sensed Easter was good for business. Figures just in from Bob Mac confirm it was better than good.

Takings over the four days were just over £31,000 against an estimate for the whole of March of £28,000. Passengers were some 2,700.

Best day was the Sunday with 800+ and takings of £9,552

Important other statistic for me was that I have based my estimates of an average income per passenger of £10. Overall average was £11.50

Many thanks to all who gave their Bank Holiday up to volunteer and particular praise to the Commercial people who clearly got the marketing right

For me as FD that's the first big hurdle well jumped. Next comes Wartime in the Cotswolds

We are getting there .............


  1. That's great news. Could I ask what did March in total look like for pax and revenue?

    As well as comparing with budget and last year, a meaningful comparison must be against the last full operating year, when I recall total passenger numbers were around 70,000. Is your aspiration to match or beat that figure?

    1. Malcolm Temple4 April 2013 at 09:33

      It is dangerous to do specific year on year comparisons since factors aren't the same - the timing of Easter, the weather etc. I don't think comparisons back to pre slip would really help either - one big change since then is the economic situation. The Budget is based on 60,000 passengers for this year but keep in mind that prices have increased

    2. Fair point(s). I note that several railways have struggled to match previous years' figures in the last couple of years, and the recession and rising costs (including travel to and from an attraction) will no doubt have dampened demand.