Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Update on Wartime in the Cotswolds weekend

A lot of work underway to make this new event a success. I say "new" but am told we ran such an event in 1994 - Bernard showed me some photos.
So far, we have over 200 re-enactors, some from the 101st US Airborne Division, the Fighting 4th and a local Home Guard group. We also have two morris dancing groups, a jive and bebop group, and two local bands that will recreate the music of the 1940's. We also have a number of military vehicles. And sandbags!!! About 1000 planned for. Much more to follow!


  1. Fancy some traditional St John Ambulance volunteers?

  2. The north car park on the east side of the line contains a small runway, which is used by a local modelling club to fly their aircraft and helicopters. Have seen model spits, messerschmitts, mustang, etc, flying there in the past. Perhaps an approach to their club to see if anything similar might be arranged?

  3. Will the "screaming eagles" be arriving via a Dakota

  4. Well, technically the Screaming Eagles are air assault troops and not paratroops so I'd thought that an armada of Hueys, a la Apocalypse Now, would be a more appropriate form of transport.