Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sunday March 3rd

The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham and the Play House Birmingham are working together to put on a short play for primary school children about a railway journey from Birmingham to Gloucester in 1852. The play is called "All aboard" and is being presented at a number of railway and other locations in the region - including the Severn Valley Railway, and it will be at the GWR next Sunday morning. The original plan was to perform the play from platform 2 at Toddington Station with the audience on platform 1, but with the appalling weather, it will now be performed in the Flag and Whistle. The play starts at 10:30 and with a break for refreshments will conclude at midday. This means that early visitors who require drinks, will either stand at the back or use the staff entrance. We expect that a number of families will stay on for the rest of the day and have lunch at the railway and travel on the train. We also plan to use this as an opportunity to talk about schools visiting the railway in the future. At present it looks as if we will have about 60+ children. If there are volunteers around on Sunday morning, help would be appreciated resetting the tables after the play is over. 
Colin Fewell

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