Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Broadway Update

I was asked whats happening in relation to extension to Broadway.

The BAG have adopted the challenge of rebuilding of the station - this includes the two platforms, the signal box, a toilet  block and car parking. Steaming to Broadway  tells you of the tremendous job they are doing..

What I can add is that principles of the project are managed  by a PLC Board Group which BAG Chairman Bill Britton attends together with anyone from his team he considers can add value. It recently considered detailed designs for the buildings in preparation for the submission of a planning application. These are back with the BAG designers and when updated will be considered by the Board. We should get an application in by the summer.

Elsewhere the the Properies Directorate has been updating estimates of the costs to put the remaining bridges between Laverton and Broadway in good order. John Balderstone has worked with consulting enginners Halcrow and a survey has been made of the four structures in Wychavon District. We now have updated costs as:

     Station Road Broadway                                     215,000

     Childswickham Road                                           86,000

     Pry Lane                                                               18,000

     Peasebrook Farm                                                  46,000

     Total                                                                    365,000

The final bridge (which is in Gloucestershire) is Little Buckland. We are working on a cost update here but it is very likely this will bring the total for bridge works to at least  £500,000.

One of the next verification tasks (when funding is to hand) is to test bore the remaining embankments (not least adjacent in  the  Station area) to make certain we dont lay track over another Chicken Curve problem.

For info on how we hope to raise funds click the Development Foundation button on the web page. You might wish to make a regular contribution as is suggested . I give £100 a month which over five years (with Gift Aid) will be worth £7,500. Another 13 contributors would make it  £100,000.

Last word,  The Properties Director and I are in discussions with SUSTRANS over the trackbed from Broadway to Honeybourne/ Nothing significant to report.


  1. Plase note that the GWR Trust as one of the primary financial backers of the Broadway Project is also represented on the Broadway Extension Steering Group Committee

  2. Have contingencies been factored into the estimates for the bridges just in case any "surprises", for want of a better word, crop up during works ?

  3. Yes but the estimates are as a result of a detailed investigatory study

  4. So add the price of track at around 150,000 per mile a bit for embankment work at we should reach Briadway in about another million pounds time. Peter

    1. Not as simple as that I'm afraid. We need to include the station builings, signalling and the car park. Around another £500,000 before we are finished

  5. Thanks Malcolm. It's good to know what's needed, if disappointing to hear how much work will be needed on the bridges. The idea of making regular contributions is good as it will give the railway a degree of certainty as to level of income for the project. Albeit not able to contribute as much as you are, I clicked on the development foundation link so sign up, but it doesn't seem to tell me what I need to do to set it up. Maybe Maxine could make it a bit clearer?

    1. John (and anyone else) - please e mail Max = and she'll be pleased to advise