Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Creating a comprehensive range of GWSR Publications

I wanted to let you know that we are developing a really exciting range of quality and affordable publications this year which should meet the interests and pockets of our travelling public.
A group of us, Austen Shapcott, David Bowie, Howard Parker and I are creating a Souvenir Brochure which  we intend to have ready for sale by the end of July. This will be a 24 page glossy portrait format document slightly bigger than A5. We are getting terrific support from the well known railway photographers we are lucky enough to have on our line. At £3 this should be a 'must have' for every visiting group.
To complement this document we already have a Childrens' I-Spy book which retails at £2 and later this season Colin Fewell will be releasing for sale a Railway Walks Book featuring about 15 walks around the railway (don't forget that a national footpath, the Cotswold Way, runs along much of the route of our line). I expect Colin to price this at £3 and it should encourage walkers to use the railway.
More exciting news is that at the Easter Bank Holiday weekend Silverlink Publications will make available a 'Recollections of the GWR' by Malcolm Rainieri in their Recollections series. This series already includes a 'Recollections of Gotherington'. Many of you will know Malcolm from his photographs and his new book, which will retail at around £7, will be aimed at those who want to know more about our railway and its history than the Souvenir brochure provides.
To round out the publication offerings, Colin is also planning  a booklet entitled  'Histories and Mysteries' about all the interesting places along the line, and I am planning a new GWR Stock Book planned to be available by the autumn  with hopefully an interesting approach to its format!
So, I hope you agree that lots is go on on the publication front to bring us to the highest standard of Heritage Railways. If you see publication opportunities which are not covered by the above or you would like to get involved in developing these documents then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email me at cdbristow51@gmail.com.
Chris Bristow

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