Wednesday, 20 February 2013

2013 season kicks off

DMU's started running on 9th February and because different counties have different half term weeks, we have had to run midweek for two successive weeks. These differences persist all year (including the main Easter holiday) which makes scheduling difficult. Numbers of passengers have been satisfactory and will probably exceed budget by the end of the month, which is pretty good when we consider the poor weather last week. It is not easy to compare numbers with last year when we offered a "kids go free" concession to try and kickstart the season. At the time, this brought in an enormous number of children but noticeably a smaller proportion of adults. I will give the figures at the end of February.

A point to note is that when we run midweek, we always run at least on Tuesdays, as we have been advised that this is the ideal day for tour operators to come to us.

Colin Fewell  

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