Saturday, 23 February 2013

GWR Heritage Policy

The Board is very much aware of the various opinions on what should be kept, used, displayed, the correct colour schemes etc and so we have been working on a Heritage Policy for the railway which lays down the principles to assist in decisions in these aspects. A draft document is now available for circulation and comment.

It does not seek to change our philosophy, rather to record it in a considered manner. It looks at the period we are trying to present namely 1904 - 1976, being the years in which the railway operated. It looks at our operational stock in this context and our non-operational stock used for departmental purposes, displays or of special interest. It requires our stations to each reflect a uniform colour scheme appropriate to the period selected for the station and avoid as far as possible fittings and fixtures which are out of period. It reinforces our use of volunteers except where special needs are identified and authorised, as well as recognising the option of contracting or franchising where special services dictate.

The document runs to one and a half pages and is available if you email me on

Alan Bielby

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