Monday, 18 February 2013

New Signals at Winchcombe

Some of you may have noticed the new bracket signal that has appeared near the crossing behind the C&W barn.  Previously there was a main line signal (W35) which allowed passenger train access into platform 1 and a single disc signal below it (W31/32) which allowed shunt access into either platform.  Now we have a shiny new bracket signal which has two main signals (W35 and W29) which allow passenger train access into platforms 1 and 2 respectively.  Under the new bracket is a new double disc (W31 and W32) which allows shunt access in to platforms 1 and 2 respectively.  This new set up allows us greater operational flexibility and gives locomotive crews a better indication of where the signals are sending them.  Previously we did allow limited passenger movements into platform 2, under a special instruction; the new signals now give us proper signalling for the move.

For those of you with a new 2013 operational rule book you will note that these new signals are already in the sectional appendix for the line (there's confidence in the S&T department for you).  Those non-operational volunteers and members amongst you may be interested to know that with the bracket signal the left signal obviously reads for the left route and the right signal for the right but the taller post (or doll) on the bracket indicates the higher speed route (in this case straight ahead rather than diverted by the points).  The disc signals are stacked one above the other and in this case the convention is that the signals read top-left hand route and bottom-right hand route.

Neil Carr, Ops Manager.


  1. Neil
    Good to see a more interesting semaphore signal appear. Is it a Network Rail cast off from a recent scheme? And are you already considering what the requirements will be for Broadway and looking around for suitable examples?

  2. Hi John,

    Not a recent scheme, we've had that bracket for a while and the S&T volunteers have been gradually refurbishing it. We probably have 90% of the fittings that we require for Broadway already in stock and quite a lot of it restored. We're constantly on the lookout for the bits that we need there and have a few good contacts.

    The Winchcombe bracket is now fully commissioned and is ready for the season to start.

    Neil Carr.