Friday, 10 May 2013

No financial showers in April

This morning I am working on the April management accounts to measure how we did in the month.

Each month I spend about half a day pouring over the summary of income and expenditure produced by our Sage accounting system to see how were are performing against Budget and what our cash position is. The latter is so important since expenditure does not occur in a sequence that matches income and we have to finance VAT costs until reimbursed by HMRC.

The immediate figure which I felt I must share is Ticket Sales for the month. Including the Wartime Weekend these were £88,629 against a Budget of £74,000.

With all other income sources - Footplate Experience, Fish & Chips, OTC, Shop and Charters - I think we can be very satisfied that we have built a firm foundation for the 2013 season.

Malcolm T

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  1. I'm delighted to see that in 2013 we are back in calmer waters, and operating normally, generating a steady cash flow again.
    I'm looking forward to buying some shares on this new scheme - get some income tax back from the government :-)