Thursday, 30 May 2013

Just plain incredible

We now have assembled the financial results from the Steam Gala. They are sensational.

The Budget for ticket sales was £90,000. The actual was £95,000! 

I had been so nervous and at times despondent. I should have had more confidence in Paul Richardson and his amazing organising team. They did a brilliant job.

But everyone did and I think we all enjoyed it. I was so proud at  comments by the Chairman of North Norfolk who just could not  believe that 99% was done by volunteers.

It was all epitomised when I saw a member of the station staff at Toddington clearing up a terrible mess of you know what in the gents. Not his job, horrible to do but he just quietly got on with it.

This result, and its better than above because they underspent on budget as well, really puts our Railway back to good financial health.

Other nuggets - Programme sales £507, Brake Van Rides £2,240, OTC £8,852

My and the Board's thanks and appreciation go out to everyone

Malcolm T


  1. And thanks to you, MT , for steering us through the really dark days so that so many folk - visitors and volunteers alike - can once again enjoy the whole of our magnificent railway at fantastic , heart warming, times like this.
    Onwards and northwards !
    Chris and Frances.

  2. The minute went by and it did get good.