Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Following Crystal Palace

The following email was received today,
Dear Sir,

I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at GWSR for a sublime day out yesterday and not just for the wonderful footplate trip.

I am in the leisure business and so am well aware of the valuable interaction between customers and staff (volunteers). I have visited most of the ‘1st Division’ preservation railways over the past few years and can only state that the reception yesterday was of the highest quality and better than any other.

From your station master at Toddington to all the volunteers whether they be on car park, shop, station or train duties: hearty congratulations. All were courteous and helpful but above all pleasant and obviously wanting to make the passenger’s day out interesting and enjoyable. I have felt sometimes, that at other railways, staff are more interesting in talking to each other rather than interacting with customers!

The loco crew not only made me most welcome but were extremely knowledgeable about both the railway and its surroundings.

If I wasn’t working most weekends as well as being the best part of 100 miles away (plus my home, when I get there, is in Spain) I would be wanting to volunteer myself!

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned

Well done indeed.
Regards, John Bolsom

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