Sunday, 26 May 2013

Gonna get good in a minute

The following email was received on Wednesday.
Dear Sirs,
I would just like to comment on my visit to you railway yesterday (21st May) I am a working member of the SVR and had not previously visited your Railway.

I must say how impressed I was with my visit and would like to mention the following points:

  • Free parking.
  • Exceptionally clean toilet facilities.
  • Immaculate stations.
  • Dedicated,friendly and knowledgable staff and with my Heritage Railway pass an exceptional day out and one which I will certainly repeat.
I think we can all learn from other organisations and I believe that there are some aspects of your organisation that we could use to good advantage on the SVR.

I wish you well with your future and pass on my good wishes to all the volunteers to let them know that their work and dedication is a credit to them.

Look forward to my return visit soon.

Very best wishes

Mike Woodyatt

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