Thursday, 23 May 2013

Courage of conviction

I am delighted to see more response to our messages.

Any comment is subject to moderation before it actually appears. Censorship will only apply in relation to abuse, bad language etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

However I think it is unreasonable for critical posts to be anonymous and these will in future be deleted



  1. This may be of interest to you and the board it's an interesting discussion of running costs for heritage railways.

    One point about the anonymous entries most are only anonymous because people like me don't wish to give all there details to Google and their invassive systems. Peter Bennett C&W Blogger.

  2. Well done Malcolm. If anyone wishes to comment they should be prepared to be identified. Bob and Sue White

  3. Bob is right, and you have to have a Google account to get your name in the reply. Yet another user name and password to manage, and as Bob says, it's invasive.
    What people could do however is sign their name in the message.