Saturday, 18 May 2013

Looking forward at last

With full line operation resumed I now inter alia have the pleasure of co-ordinating planning for Broadway.

Whilst its obvious we need money to get there (as in the Development Foundation's work and the upcoming new Share Offer which is on target) we also need to plan to operate over a much longer line and with a new station. This wont just happen, it needs a great deal of work,

The first two areas of attention have to be locomotive and carriage capacity since its longer running and more trains.

I met with Richard Drewitt today to discuss both.

On the locomotive side we have done some successful  bidding/negotiating with the result that I can advise you to watch out for an announcement by Richard  D on this Blog  of a major new locomotive arrival together with an exciting new renovation project. This will increase our resident operational stock and ensure the conveyor of completed renovations continues. Very satisfying for us all I think..

On carriages Colin Fewell and Neil Carr have been examining the commercial/operational needs once we have that fourth station. Its about three rakes and a reserve. Richard ran me through the details which can only achieved  by selective further purchase(s) and full refurbishment of most of our on site stock. Its quite a challenge and so important.

The next steps must be to meet with the C & W management group and then the C &W team to explain plans and needs with a view to getting their input to the planning and consequent support. Part of this is likely to require further investment in equipment etc.

Then we need to turn to a people plan. The Board has an away day in August and this is first on the agenda,



  1. A focus on Broadway is good news. So where are we with the planning application?

  2. As I think I've said before we are working to make certain we get it right first time in terms of planning consent. It will be the autumn at least before we have both submitted and have a result. I understand your impatience.