Sunday, 24 November 2013

Santa Specials

Frightening how the year goes by, but in 5 days time we start our Santa Specials! Yesterday a group of volunteers decorated the cafe at Winchcombe, cleaned and tidied up the grottos and the "elf centre" and put tinsel up in our two sets of carriages.
Looking at the latest statistics, we have so far sold just over 6000 tickets, as against 4800 at the same point last year. This will of course level off as numbers on the train are fixed, but it does mean people are buying their tickets much earlier this year. Perhaps part of this is the quality of the presents which I can assure everyone are just as good as ever.
Trains will, as always, be quite empty next weekend but after that, it all picks up!
I haven't counted up the number of volunteers who will be helping santa this year but in addition to train and station staff it looks about 100.
Colin Fewell

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