Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Broadway Signal Box Construction Starts

On Monday we received from the Wychavon Planning Department the discharge of conditions attached to the planning approval for the station buildings. The Broadway team were all geared up and ready for this with the result that piling work for the signal box foundation started today Wednesday! Construction will now continue, weather permitting, to completion - funded by the joint fund raising efforts of the Broadway Group and the Trust with a top up by the Plc. This is a tremendous step towards our goal of seeing Broadway Station resurrected and we hope will add further impetus to our share appeal to repair the Bridges to Broadway.

Alan Bielby


  1. Brilliant news, it will really begin to look like a station then! once the box is finished, will S&T be able to make a start with preparations, putting levers in etc, or will that have to wait until track is finished?

  2. There is continuing dialogue and photo's on Bill Britton's blog, so if you want to be kept up to date with progress, click this link, and join the other +/- 32,000 others per month who enjoy the blog.:

    In addition, Bill has a camera trained on the signal box part of the site (Click on the picture of the signal box on the right hand sign, for a "realtime" view).

    Terry, BAG Volunteer

  3. Hi Alex,

    Indeed once the new signal box is weatherproof the S&T team will be able to begin fitting the frame and other items in readiness for the track to arrive.

    Neil. Ops Manager.