Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bridges to Broadway share issue reaches £200,000 in a little under 6 weeks!

Dear all, 

Bridges to Broadway Share Issue reaches £200,000! 

I am very pleased to tell you that the Bridges to Broadway share issue has reached the £200,000 mark in a little under 6 weeks. That's great news! 

Peter Muir and John Balderstone from Darren Fairley's Civil Engineering team have decided that they will work from south to north starting with Bridge 5 Little Buckland. They are now busy with design work and the preparation of a tender which they anticipate will be completed in January. This is followed by a tendering period and then vetting of tenders forecast to be completed in February/March. The contract, probably for all 5 bridges, should be awarded at the end of March with work starting early in May. 

It would be great to have enough funds in to cover Bridges 4 Peasebrook Farm, £46,000, and Bridge 3 Pry Lane, £18,000 before the year end so, if you have yet to invest in our railway, now's the time! 

Some other points to mention; 

For any volunteers, members and supporters of the railway who do not want to buy shares but would like to make a donation, then that would be equally welcome particularly as the railway is able to claim gift aid on donations from UK tax payers. Payments to GWRT please not the PLC.

When you are next at the railway consider getting some extra copies of the share issue document from our Admin office and handing them to friends who might be interested in buying some shares. The document is great publicity for the railway but the shares are also a great offer! Buying the minimum £100 worth of shares, less the £30 tax rebate, costs the shareholder £70. For this they get 3 free tickets each year currently worth £15 each. That's a great deal! 

See you at the volunteers meeting. 

Chris Bristow 

GWSR PLC Finance Director


  1. at current speeds, in 15 weeks time we'll have all the money we'll need :D obviously things will slow down, but this is fantastic, well done to everyone involved, as I have said before the brochure is lovely, even though I'm not purchasing, it was nice to read through it before passing it on to someone who might make more use of it!

  2. Could you just clarify re the EIS. If I want to buy £100 shares do I just send you a cheque for £70?


    1. To purchase shares using EIS you need to send a cheque or a direct debit payment for the full value of the share. You will then be sent your share certificate for that value, within 14 days. Subsequent to that an EIS5 will be sent to you so that you can claim your tax relief from HMRC. If you have any questions regarding the Bridges to Broadway Share offer or EIS please contact me on or on 01242 621905.
      Maxine Barton Hawkins

  3. I hope that those of us who deposited our email addresses can receive these EIS5 by email, as I would hate to think of money wasted by GWSR on snail mail.