Sunday, 1 September 2013

Makes the Point

When I muted setting up this Blog several told me it wasn't worth the effort and there would be little interest.

Nevertheless we set up in March of this year

Tomorrow (Monday) one of you readers will mark  100,000 visits  since that time

I think our Blog Network on the GWR provides a most comprehensive view of what's happening (or not) and I hope it makes all feel involved and informed



  1. like reading all the blogs,they keep us members/shareholders informed how railway is doing+plans for future, keep them coming

  2. I think the network of blogs available is brilliant, looking at other railways such as the SVR they have an out of date webpage at best, I always enjoy looking through all of them, from C+W (where I volunteer) to here and the loco dept broadway blog and more!

  3. We were only saying this afternoon that the Boardroom blog is one of the best things that has been done : provides info and - from time to time - nips misinformation in the bud ! Chris and Frances C.

  4. Long live the blogs. The best communication system yet. Invaluable for all those interested in our railway.

  5. The blogs are brilliant and really do keep you up to date with various departments within the railway. The only slight problem I find is that when I receive my copy of the Cornishman magazine, I've already read much of its content on the blog. This isn't a criticism of our great magazine, just an observation. Perhaps there could be an online version of the magazine, which members could get, which might save the railway some postage costs?

    Also brilliant news about the planning permission being granted, thanks to Alan Bielby, Bill Britton, John Crawford (who did the drawings for us) and everyone else involved in achieving this. Cant wait to see the buildings built and the trains arriving at Broadway!

    Terry A (BAG Volunteer)

  6. These blogs are fantastic and a brilliant way to keep up to date with all the operations of the railway. Please keep them coming!!