Monday, 23 September 2013

Thomas Result

The Thomas results I hope will help make all the efforts and patience of so many justified.

The income budget was £30,000

In the event there were some 3,100 visitors who paid a total of £39,000 of which £22,000 was cash on the days

Another tremendous event result and another important brick in our post "embankments" recovery

The Board's respect to all who organised and delivered



  1. Out of interest, are we allowed to know the profit of the event, I'd be interested to know how much it costs to do this sort of thing eg do we pay for loco travel and how much of the money goes to the owning company (presumably there is one)?

  2. We pay for hire of Thomas (and its transport) and a royalty fee is payable to the owners of the Thomas copyright

    Expenses for this "outing" will be around £14000 but I await actuals


  3. Interesting info, thanks, so profit was ~£25,000? minus the cost of the coal presumably...