Friday, 19 July 2013

At Home to Safety

On Wednesday 17th the Heritage Railway Association Operations and Safety Committee held their meeting at the GWR.  The committee occasionally hold their meetings on site at a heritage railway to gain experience of what is actually happening out in the field.  I acted as tour guide and GWR representative for the day and attended their meeting.

Ten delegates were given a tour of the Toddington sheds and workshop before taking the bubble car to Winchcombe.  The party then had a brief tour of carriage and wagon and some members of the party had a look at Winchcombe signal box.  Our visitors then returned to Toddington on the steam service (7903), had a look around the shop and then had a trip to Laverton and back on the bubble before taking lunch at the flag and whistle.  The afternoon consisted of the actual meeting, which took place in our boardroom.  Tea and cakes were provided by Val in the F&W.  After the meeting one or two of the delegates took a ride to CRC and back behind 47 376.

All the delegates had a good time, commented on how well the railway was doing and at least one of them has already sent back a completed membership form.  All in all a good bit of public relations for the GWR.

Neil Carr, Operations Manager.

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