Saturday, 6 July 2013

Quiet Time

People keep saying there are few new posts here.

Its a quiet time for action, directors are away and there was no Board meeting at the end of June.

My diary shows that next week the BBC will be with us doing a bit for a TV programme on Tuesday. Neil and I have a meeting with the HSE that day as well and on Thursday we meet with the new Race Course management to discuss renewal of the access and car parking lease they kindly grant.

Progress is good on the Paint Shop and I'm told it should be clad by the end of the month and we will then look to fitting out etc.

Ticket sales continue to do well against Budget and I must say the Railway looks fantastic in this beautiful weather. I had a sublime hour at Winchcombe with a mug of tea on Thursday just sitting watching the trains and chatting.

Richard Summers and I took the chance to chat on OTC equipment needs and I think there will be good news there shortly. We face a dilemma with volunteer availability and OTC for the rest of the season - unless we can get more temporary help,  we will have to turn coach parties wanting cream teas away. From what I see a day with OTC is tiring but wonderful fun in terms of team spirit and meeting people. Can you give some time? Please?

I am delighted with the new Admin office  layout which is good for working and gives such a good impression to visitors.

Work on the new share issue led by Chris Bristow is proceeding. Our Offer document text is now with lawyers for review but has been type set and beautifully illustrated by our graphic design consultant Mike Weaver who does our leaflets, booklets etc.

The following week a meet to decide the format for tendering of the Flag & Whistle franchise and then the first of my well trailed eye ops which I am told will keep me quiet for a while.


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