Thursday, 6 March 2014


To try and spread the word, Ian Butler has taken on the twitter account for the GWR and tells me that  over 50,000 twitter followers received details of last week's competition from us. When you consider the circulation of the Echo is around 20,000 this shows the power of twitter.
We would like to get more information about the railway out to far more people so all members and volunteers are asked to follow @GWSR (have a look at the bottom right of the home page on our website) and then retweet or favourite our tweets to others.
Also I would like train staff /OTC staff and station staff to encourage visitors to tweet their experiences with us. (Only good experiences of course!!). There is a massive and growing opportunity here to advertise our railway.
Colin Fewell

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  1. It's gone very quiet here in the past couple of months, now that this blog has been here over a year you can begin to compare, and there has been barely anything on here recently comparative to last year

    There has been no mention of the start of the running season or the races yet, nothing on the war weekend, absolutely zilch on dinmore manor, and whilst the total of the share offer has gone up on the website, nothing here for over a month, have tenders gone out or anything other progress?

    Whatever faults Malcolm Temple had, he certainly did this blog well, keeping everyone up to date was really useful. I remember reading a while ago that after the november meeting that this blog would be in use even more, certainly hasn't been that way.

    The department blogs do a great job, but to get an overall picture this blog was an important place, the volunteer announcements are all well and good but only about 800 people see those, all our other supporters I'm sure would like to be kept more up to date. blogs are brilliant things, perfect for reporting smaller bits of news that don't warrant a news article on the website etc. to dispel rumours and provide small updates on things going on around the railway not covered by other blogs, including what I found most interesting, passenger numbers and income, some small statistical nuggets to show everyone how well we are doing.

    I would just like to see this blog updated a little more, that's all, perhaps have one of the directors who regularly writes it with others chipping in as and when as before, rather than just the odd chirp...