Thursday, 20 February 2014

Half-bridge replacement work – Bridge 31 – J J Farms, Far Stanley - 2nd Weeks work

For the final posting on work at Bridge 31 please click here.

John Balderstone


  1. An excellent report. I note that the height signs have been changed from warning triangles to mandatory circles. Will all bridge refurbishments in future, such as those north of Laverton, be getting this signage upgrade ?

    1. Mandatory signs should normally be used at non-arch bridges, as they can give more effective protection than warning signs. Traffic regulation orders are not required for mandatory height limit signs at a bridge, tunnel or similar structure over the highway. Signs showing both imperial and metric dimensions are preferred. See: clause 7.17.

      North of Laverton, bridges at Little Buckland and Childswickham will have new roundels to replace the existing triangular signs. Broadway Bridge will have new signs 900mm diameter as the existing ones 600mm diameter are not commensurate with the speed of traffic on the road. They will also be illuminated. Pry Lane will have triangular signs affixed, suitable for arch bridges. Peasebrook Farm does not requires any signs given its low usage.

      John C Sreeves, Bridge Engineer CH2M Hill

  2. A wonderful job. Attention to detail for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Top job!

  3. Thanks David; That is our aim, but we shall have to review priorities when we get the tender prices in!

  4. Good Job,, Jon & Peter,

    Before time, and within Budget, Ron, B-S Civils

  5. The bridge work involving the baseplates and rails was finally completed 01/03/2014 and the bridge is ready for rail traffic next week.