Friday, 14 March 2014


8 trains this year to the races for the first time. And most of them completely full. Thanks to the volunteers for helping all week. It looks like we broke all records!
It was a  great atmosphere throughout, but why is it the younger the racegoers are, the more drunk they seem to get! And why is it the young drunk is much more aggressive than the older drunk?  Had a number of "discussions" with certain of them this week. Typical of which was a serious request to turn the air conditioning on as he was "hot". Unfortunately I assumed he was joking and laughed. Not a good idea! He'd "paid so much money he expected comfort on the train" etc. In the end I quietened him down by saying the air conditioning started to work once the train moved. I then opened a window and all was peace thereafter! Also, as usual a request from a passenger to wake him  when he reached Bath!
All good fun though with numerous stories to tell over the coming year.
Colin Fewell


  1. The firebox of a locomotive is almost ideally suited to the task of eradicating troublesome race goers. A sharpened shovel & a willing fireman are the only essentials. An additional benefit is the reduced coal consumption contingent upon such activity. There is precedent.

  2. Sounds like a laugh, I like the bit about the air conditioning! No communication cords pulled this year then? very disappointing, clearly, not enough champagne was sold! :D