Monday, 11 May 2015

Visitor numbers etc.

Looking at all the statistics I can find, it looks as though at the end of April the number of visitors to the railway was very much the same as in 2014 - just over 10,000.
Last Saturday was extremely busy with several groups of which one was for 240 people. Thank goodness they spread themselves over the railway and didn't cause too many hold ups!
Saturday afternoon, a number of us agreed the final layout for the "history timeline" which will go along the wall of the Discovery Coach at Winchcombe. We are pretty much there now as the map of the line is in place also along one wall, the original indenture for land at Winchcombe is  on display and David Boot's "00" layout of Toddington Station is in place.  Once we have erected the two televisions / DVD players and got the timeline back from the printers, we will almost be ready to open up. This will be a tremendous attraction for the summer not just for families and tourists but also for school visits.
Colin Fewell


  1. Hi, what are the plans for what's going on the screens? I've heard that the excellent flyover film by mrgyro will be on one but what about the other?

    1. We plan to have a rolling slide show of "a year in the life of the railway"