Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wartime in the Cotswolds

I attended the "wash up" meeting of this event on Tuesday.

As with all such meetings, it started with a general feeling of relief that it was all over and pleasure at the vast number of congratulatory e mails we have received - and no complaints! This is now regarded by the re-enactors and the public as one of the top such events put on  by heritage railways and indeed other organisations, and we already have a large number of enquiries about next year. If you take into account the re-enactors and traders etc., we saw well over 2,200 people during the weekend.

However,  much of the meeting was of course devoted to discussing areas where we can improve for the future and it became obvious that if we are to maintain the quality of this event we need new blood to carry it forwards.

Several of the dozen or so volunteers who have given up time during the past three years to build  this event up from scratch now feel they want to stand down and take on other jobs. This means we are left with a clearly stark choice. Either we get a new group of volunteers  to take over the reins, or we won't be having this event next year. That would be a terrible shame for the public but especially for all of us volunteers who enjoy the great atmosphere of the weekend. And of course it would also mean there would be a substantial drop in our railway income for the year thus slowing down our development to Broadway quite dramatically.

I was asked to circulate a request to all volunteers for help to keep the event alive. This I have done through a Volunteer announcement but so far with little response. I want to support the team who have set up this event and I ask that all volunteers consider if they can help in any way. Many thanks

Colin Fewell

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  1. Perhaps you should wait for the dust to settle as a result of the Broadway hiatus before judging the volunteers' response. This year's Wartime in the Cotswolds was
    excellent especially CAJE.