Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bridges to Broadway Share Appeal

Just four months into our appeal the total raised so far is almost £300,000 leaving just £200,000 to go. We are very anxious to place the contract in May so as to take advantage of the summer weather (assuming that we get some!) to start work – particularly the necessary foundation repairs. If we can raise the money in good time then we can allow the contractor the maximum flexibility in his operations. This will ensure the maximum efficiency in view of the different types of work required on the various bridges and the need to negotiate road closures.

If you have been thinking of buying some shares to support this work but have not got round to it yet, now is the time to make your move and support this major step towards reaching Broadway. If you need a copy of the share brochure or have any questions, do contact Maxine Hawkins on 01242 621905 and she will be happy to assist.

Thank you

Alan Bielby

Chairman, GWSR Plc

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