Thursday, 9 July 2015

What’s happening at Broadway?

Many of you are wondering what happened to the ‘Steaming to Broadway’ blog which used to provide up-to-date news on the work going on to rebuild station facilities at Broadway.  Bill Britton, who owned and maintained the blog, recently resigned as Chairman of the Broadway Area Group (‘BAG’) and is no longer active on site there.  Jo Roesen, who also contributed to the blog, has taken on duties elsewhere with P/way and the GWSR Heritage Group and does not wish to run a re-launched Broadway blog.   The Board and BAG are grateful to Bill and Jo for the efforts they put into keeping us all so well informed but clearly we must now move on.

The new BAG Chairman is Roger Brindley, who has inherited a rapidly expanding task list as we build momentum towards a 2018 opening date. With the signal box almost complete, work on the main station building is about to start. Roger and the BAG committee are going through a process of re-organising and planning but still recognise the value of the blog and will get it re-launched as soon as the right resources can be found to manage it reliably.  So please be patient – it will happen soon.  Meanwhile, do go to Broadway on a Wednesday or Saturday and see progress for yourself – there will usually be someone around to help you or answer questions.


  1. Alas, your advice ("go to Broadway ... and see progress for yourself") is not very useful to those of us who are not local. The large community of distant followers who used to faithfully (obsessively?) follow Bill Britton's fantastic updates are sorely missing the as-yet-undone replacement.


  2. Would it be possible to reconnect the webcam at Broadway? At least then those members from further away could see the progress being made. Or , did that expertise depart with Bill?

  3. Thanks for the little info update. That said, a visit on a Wed/Sat is not that easy from Sweden! And one reason for reading the blog and missing the news for nearly two months now! Looking forward to a visit next year and then the launch of traffic in 2018.

  4. It was a marvellous and informative blog. Much missed

  5. Broadway should be the jewel in the crown for the GWR and as such should take every opportunity to publicise progress as was done with brilliant blog Bill Briton produced, He even set up Broadway-the next chapter which stands unused. Surely it is not beyond the skills of the board of the GWR to post updates on this blog, although the last update that was given was already out of date. Can they advise what is the state of progress with the signal box, the platforms, the footbridge, the drainage, the station buildings etc etc etc. A lot of us have donated to the various requests in the past to fund the signal box etc so is a little info too much to ask.
    But it is unlikely that any of these points will be addressed, bring back Bill.

  6. An update on this blog would help as an interim. The BAG team had a big following also I suspect the Bridges to Broadway share issue success was mainly due to the excellent info and updates that were provided by the Broadway blog, I have donated to the signal box windows and few other projects and I am will to continue to donate but I need to see what is happening at Broadway.

  7. I am happy to say that a new blog is up for Broadway Station, thank you for waiting while the technical aspects have been sorted and thank you to the volunteers who have come forward to help with it. As we are all aware it is no small commitment to keep people informed. There is also a blog covering the broader Broadway Extension work. Please see the two links below

    Can I please remind posters that any comments posted without a name will not be displayed.

    I am sure they will be much enjoyed and appreciated.