Friday, 17 July 2015

New Broadway Progress Blog

We are very pleased to welcome the new blog site 'Broadway Station Rebuild Blog'. I know that many people sorely missed Bill Britton's reports on Broadway progress, but it was his personal blog and he worked hard to keep it interesting and up-to-date so, when he decided to take a break, he was not able to continue with it. Now,from the restructured committee managing the work at Broadway, a new team has stepped forward to pick up the blog reins and we wish them well in continuing Bill's work in producing interesting progress reports. Already it is reporting progress on the complex issue of the station building design and we look forward to seeing more details as they evolve.
Alan Bielby


  1. Great to see the Broadway blog reborn and its looks as good as its predecessor, one question why wont it accept non member comments? Graham H

  2. A great restart. Well done Broadway Blog team

  3. Excellent!

    Also, if I may make a minor suggestion, you might want to link (in the list of Links on the RHS) to Jo's excellent "Extension Blog":

    which is not, alas, widely linked to from other GWSR pages, but is an additional source of information for those of us watching intently from afar. Thanks!


  4. Great to have news again of Broadway.