Saturday, 3 May 2014

Wartime weekend

Numbers were down as expected this weekend - did you see the mud in the field at Toddington? Visitor numbers were about 1560 including pre purchased tickets which was about 20% down on 2013. Even having said that, the event was a tremendous success with loads of congratulatory e mails and cards (see Tripadvisor) and we still made a handsome amount for the railway. So thanks to everyone who braved the conditions - it was worth it!


  1. Is there any reason why the venues of the car park and field could not be reversed for future events i.e. use the car park for its designed function? Is this too obvious?

    1. It's a good idea but classic car and other vehicle owners have in the past said they would never leave their vehicles in a field not just because of the possible condition of the field but also for security reasons.
      Colin Fewell

  2. Regardless of whether the field is used for public parking or for exhibits and exhibitors it's no good to anyone when it's wet. Is there any way the drainage can be improved ?