Monday, 28 April 2014

Bridges to Broadway Contract Award


The Board have authorised the award of the contract for all five bridge to George Law. We are still short of the target funds but we are almost at the £400k mark and funds are still coming in. We did not want to wait any longer as the contractor will need summer weather to efficiently carry out foundation works. Also the award of the contract for all five bridges allows him the optimum flexibility in his work and hence the lowest cost to us. If you have been holding back to see how the fund raising progresses, now is the time to dip your hand in your pocket and make a share purchase as we do still need those funds to cover the work.

The contractor hopes to finish the job in around 6 months -depending on weather and available road outages - so we need your early support to top up the funds - do so soon while the tax benefits are available - they expire in September!

We want to express our thanks to John Balderstone for producing a very comprehensive tender specification which has allowed tenders for this highest value GWSR contract ever to be viewed with confidence and minor issues easily resolved. He has already obtained permissions for some of the road closures so work will start very quickly.

Alan Bielby


  1. excellent news, only 6 months ehh? do we have track lined up ready to lay? Either way, it's becoming less of a dream and more of a reality every single day!

    Will progress be documented here as with the recently repaired bridges on the running line? I'm sure we'd all like to see progress.

  2. Very pleased to hear this news, and I hope that we have a good summer to allow for a good run of construction and improvement to the line - Well done all! I hope the track is next! Incidentally there seems to have been some track renewal across our area - Southern & GWR which seems to have released a large amount of SHC? sleepers as used across most of the line, a possible chance for Broadway track maybe?

    Anyway, Good luck to George Law and thank you to all involved so far!